Men's & Women's Ministries

Frontline Men's Minstry

The Men's Ministry at our church is a vibrant and supportive community dedicated to fostering spiritual growth, fellowship, and service among men of all ages. Through regular meetings, we aim to strengthen our faith and build lasting friendships.

Our mission is to encourage men to lead lives of integrity, compassion, and purpose, rooted in the teachings of Christ. Whether you are looking for mentorship, camaraderie, or opportunities to serve, the Men's Ministry offers a welcoming environment where you can grow in your walk with God and make a positive impact in our community.

Graceful Women's Ministry

Graceful Women is a sisterhood of women who gather from different walks and seasons of life to take on the world together. Our heart at Graceful Women is to create community and encourage women to live out their purposeā€¦ loved, blessed, and strong. We believe that life together is better, and you are treasured here. Welcome to our girl gang!

Every year Graceful women's team gathers and plans an annual women's Rebuild conference which is the largest women's conference in our city of East Chicago. We have all kind of women gather together to hear life changing sermons that help rebuild the lives of precious women. Over the last 7 years we've had success with our conferences reaching 300 ladies from around the U.S coming together for an epic weekend. We are grateful to have had influential women speakers partner with us such as Real Talk Kim, Nicole Crank, Joann Rosario and so many more. We are excited for this year's conference and we hope to see you there!


From encounter nights to ladies lock ins there's also a gathering where women get to connect with others and engage with one another. We believe in building a Christ center sisterhood. These amazing one night events happen all throughout the year. They are always fun and adventurous.

One Nights


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